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„Central-Eastern Review” (ISSN 2543-618X, eISSN 2545-1324) is published by the Department of Intercultural Studies of Central and Eastern Europe at the Faculty of Applied Linguistics of the University of Warsaw.

The journal answers the crucial needs of academic Fellows in Poland as well as worldwide. The subject matter of our study is Central and Eastern Europe. Among academic Fellowes that region, with its rich history and culture, is still prevalent. Thus we propose a scientific tribune for these new studies. The journal’s editors propose to include look rathe the region of Central and Eastern Europe from random perspectives as a multicultural space where throughout history there has been the coexistence of different cultures what creates its rich culture and heritage. Coexistence such is an extraordinary example of peaceful coexistence. What so ever we cannot forget the conflicts that put a significant influence on the region.

The journal is addressed to scholars and experts specialising in intercultural relations and cultural processes that have lead to the actual formation of the region. However, it is impossible to show cultural processes without taking into account historical and political, social and former circumstances. Therefore, the “Central-Eastern Review” is an interdisciplinary study approach, in which the culture, history, literature, language discussed. We are open to proposals from different circles: cultural experts, historians, literary scholars, linguists, sociologists and representatives of different fields of science. We believe that through the prism of the interdisciplinary approach, it is possible to reach an in-depth and defined objective knowledge of the region and its phenomena as it is multiculturalism.

The journal “Central-Eastern Review” we publish articles, documents and materials, reviews, polemics as well as testimonials. We published studies that described a transmutation of culture, history, literature and languages of the region, as well as news on the most important events regarding the region.

We publish articles national languages of the countries of Central-Eastern Europe moreover English.






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